Quick lunch walk

A quick walk through the village to stretch my legs (I do hate correcting exams)

Another day

I spent most of my day working on some “home improvements”, hopefully I’ll be able to finish that before summer starts. Time will tell.

Of course I had to take a short walk to stretch my legs, and found a lonely helmet.

A hungry street lamp

And a dog with opinions of me

Yet another walk in the village

Despite a bit too much wind for my taste I decided to take a walk, just trying too prevent my body from becoming even fatter and more un-fit. So, what did I see today?

The first thing I noticed that one of the neighbors is safety conscious, it’s always bad if your snow mobile breaks down far from home!! So having a reserve vehicle is always a good idea.

Backup vehicle

But to be completely honest, today was a pretty boring day with some cold wind. So I decided to keep my walk short, only about 11km, and get home early. The thought of a cup of warm tea was very, very alluring. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had the idea of staying inside with something warm to drink, because yesterday there were many snow mobiles (with drivers) driving around, today only one.

The only snow mobile I saw

I think the reason for people staying inside become obvious if you look at the next two photos. It’s a woman walking along village road and they are taken about a minute apart.

This looks OK
This is less fun

A quick break

A quick break from reading papers

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