Some “sketch images” from today

The last few weeks have been hectic, lot of things to do at work and I haven’t really been able to get out … while the sun has been up. But both yesterday and today I was able to take a decent walk – I need these kind of walks. Of course I had my camera with me but since the main reason for the walk was to get some exercise I didn’t really concentrate on the photos. But here are a few “sketch images” from today. With “sketch images” I mean photos I take to play around with things to see how things work.

This image is just a close up of some frost, the difficulty here is get the texture of the ice visible – I need to continue playing with this.

I took this image because I wanted to see how it looked like in black and white. For this image to really work I would need better separation of the tree from the background but … it wasn’t possible. But here is the B&W and color version, the B&W is basically standard conversion without any editing. I adjusted the color version a bit to try to bring out the warm colors. I should have worked more on the B&W version but …

And just some snapshots just because I liked the color of the light.


Även om jag tycker om hösten för dess färger, dvs orange, rött, gult, så tycker jag att denna bild är höst också.

En annan sorts höstbild

Det som är det sorgliga är att denna är egentligen inte en höstbild eftersom den är tagen i november. Sorgligt men sant