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For podcasts I have two “you should really, really listen to this” recommendation:

I also listen to these:


Before going into YouTube I want to give a recommendation: if you see anything that includes Joe McNally (wikipedia), David Hobby - The Strobist (wikipedia), Steve Simon or Zack Arias you should really watch/read it - you will learn something new !!

There is a huge number of photo channels on YouTube, I have probably only seen a very small percentage of them but my four favorites are:

Others that I watch includes - Thomas Heaton - British landscape photographer - First Man Photography - British landscape photographer - Gary Gough - British landscape photographer - James Popsys - British photographer, funny. - Botvidsson - all about lighting and studio photography - Jared Polin - Various news items + some tutorials, sometimes over the top but once you get past that part the content is OK - Matt Granger - Both gear and method, I can also recommend his other channel World’s best seafood - PhotoJoseph - Mostly video related stuff with a lot of tutorials. Focus on Panasonic cameras - Sulanto blog - Finnish photographer. Focus on Panasonic cameras - The Art of Photography - Photography in general - DPReview - Gear reviews - The Hybrid Shooter - Reviews of photography and video gear - Behind The Shot - In-depth discussion of a single photo - David Thorpe - Reviews of various photo gear, mostly m43-related - Gordon Laing - Gear reviews, detailed and a lot of info - Kai W - Gear reviews, usually with a twist - Lok Cheung - Gear reviews - Peter Forsgård - Both gear and tutorials, focus on Olympus - PictProPhoto - John Hagby, Swedish studio photographer, mostly in Swedish