Yeah, I admit ... I like photography, I like taking photos, I like playing with photos, I like using photos in various ways, etc, etc. As you might guess I'm spending way too much time (and money) tinkering with photo related stuff.

I take photos of almost anything but I have a fairly large martial arts collection (mostly ju-jutsu kai). I would like to improve my skills in portrait photography but I rarely have a model so I don't get many opportunities to practise. I also like playing with lighting when I get the chance to do some studio photography - there are so much to learn about this. Another thing I enjoy is "event photography" - meaning that I just walk around and take photos at some kind of event, or try to photograph a concert, etc.

Contact me if you have any question or comments. If you want to see my photos you can find them in a couple of different places

  • Memories - these are the photos I personally like. This means that I either think they are good or that they show something that I think is worth remembering/looking at.

  • mfoto - A collection of my "event photography", probably only of interest to the people who were present.

  • Snapz - Think of this as my private version of Instagram - just with no followers ;)

  • Flickr - Anybody with a camera needs a Flickr account ... right?