For podcasts I have two “you should really, really listen to this” recommendation:

  • The Photowalk – interviews, feedback, not so much about tech, photograpers, etc. I really enjoy this podcast

I also listen to these:

  • A beautiful anarchyDavid DuChamin discusses the creative side of photography
  • He shoots, he draws – it’s a really fun and interesting podcast by Glyn Dewis (photographer) and Dave Clayton (designer). Most episodes are conversations (or “chit chats”) between the hosts where they talk about photography, design and other things. A number of guests have also appeared, some who are wellknown like Joe McNally while others are unknown to most people.
  • The digital storyDerek Story mostly photo related news
  • The Martin Bailey podcast – personal experiences + some guests
  • Photogeek weeklyDon Komarechka focus on “nerdy stuff in detail”
  • Photo nerds photography – three professional photographers discussing various things (there haven’t been any new episodes in about 4 months when I’m writing this)
  • PhotoActive – various topics, mostly non-gear stuff. Almost abandoned.
  • Tiny Shutter – all about mobile photography, mostly iPhone


Before going into YouTube I want to give a recommendation: if you see anything that includes Joe McNally (wikipedia), David Hobby – The Strobist (wikipedia), Steve Simon or Zack Arias you should really watch/read it – you will learn something new !!

There is a huge number of photo channels on YouTube, I have probably only seen a very small percentage of them but my four favorites are:

Others that I watch includes