Photowalk … meh

After a workweek looking at my computer screen, I decided I needed to do something else. So, as usual, I decided to go for a “photowalk”. But instead of walking around in the village where I live, I decided to try something new. So I took the car, went to the other side of Umeå and took a walk there.

But unfortunately the weather was “meh”, my brain was “meh”, and to be honest the surrounding was “meh” today. So it’s no surprise that the photos came out “meh” as well. But I got some exercise!!

A change in what camera I use

Trying to avoid some household chores, I decided to take a look at what cameras I have used 2017-2021 and it’s fun to see how it has changed. Let’s start with 2017


I did take less photos than usual in 2017, and half of them was taken using my D700. This is the camera I used for sports, and since I was mostly taking martial art photos, there is nothing surprising with this. Second comes the Lumix GX80, also to be expected since it was the camera I used day-to-day and when traveling. Then the iPhone 6s and some with the Lumix GM5.


Substantially more photos 21900, with 11500 taken with a Nikon D4s. I bought it early in the year and also did a lot of sports photography. But, I also continued to use the D700, third place, and as before the GX80 for day-to-day and travel. And some using the iPhone 6s.


Fewer photos than previous year: 14234. If I remember correctly I did fewer trips to take sports photos, but around 70% is taken with the D4s. Then the Lumix GX80, and the iPhone.


When 2020 started I had planned several trips in my mind and expected it to be my busiest year photographically so far, but we all know what happened. I’m kind of impressed that I managed to take 10239 photos last year. My GX80 developed some mechanical problems early in the year which was really irritating, so after debating if I should buy a new GX80, or a GX90, I decided to buy a Lumix G9. I switched from taking sport photos (no events to document) to landscape, I also used the G9 much more than the D4s. It’s even worse than the diagram shows, those 1828 photos are from one single event. In other words, the D4s should have had 0 photos in 2020! Then the iPhone, and a few with the GX80.


It’s still early in 2021, but I don’t really expect this diagram to change much. I can’t see any sports photography, but a lot more landscape and local photography. So, my guess for 2021 would be around 10-12000 photos, about 70% with the G9, 20% with the iPhone, and the rest with other cameras (I still play with the GM5 and GX80). And 0 with the D4s.

However, if it become possible to do some sports photography, it will look very different. Then I would expect about 40% G9, 40% D4s, and 15% with the iPhone.

Collection IV – some kind of review

A week or two ago I bought Sean Tucker’s Collection IV. If you don’t know who Sean Tucker is you should really go to his YouTube channel and watch a few videos. The important videos are not the “how-to” videos but the ones where he discusses various things surrounding photography … and life in general.

The book consists of 90 photos from last year, 45 b&w and 45 colour. The photos are presented one per page without caption, so you’re free to interpret them as you want. There are also a few quotes between the photos, not many but a few.

So, what do I think about the photos? Some of them are excellent, they make me start thinking about how I can take ideas from them and play with composition & exposure. Many of the photos are also good lessons in learning to see the images that are all around us but that we usually ignore simply because we don’t “see” them. There are a few photos that I don’t feel any connection to and my reaction is mainly “Meh”, but that is perfectly OK. It’s Sean book, he has selected the photos and I don’t have to like all of them, they speak to him, but they don’t need to speak to me.

I like this book and buying it is, in my opinion, well-spent money (I bought Collection III last year) and I’ll probably buy this year’s collection if he decides to make one.

I think the perhaps most lesson from this book isn’t stuff like composition, exposure, etc. For me, the most important lesson is that we should all do something with the photos we take. Instead of just leaving the photos on your computer/phone, it’s way more fun to do something with them. You could publish them on a website like this one, but even more fun is to make prints or books. Last year I did three or four photo books, and it was really fun, the process of selecting what photos that should be in the book, figure out in which order they should be presented and finally the layout is really fun. I’m not very good at it, but it’s very fun. I hope I’m able to create at least three more books this year.

One person with strong opinions of photo books is Daniel Milnor who works at Blurb and if you watch his YouTube channel you will get some motivation for making your own photo books.

I deserve this

I deserve to sit down with this book tonight. I’ve spent the day on administrative tasks and trying to figure out how the various systems the university have should be used. Not to mention 6 Zoom meetings yesterday.

So tonight I will give myself a treat and enjoy this book that I got in the mail today. If you don’t know who Shawn Tucker is I suggest that you take a look at his YouTube channel.

A quick visit to a national park

My son and his girlfriend invited me to come along for a quick visit to my mother + an even quicker visit to one of the national parks. I, of course, said “yes”, packed my camera bag and after some struggle managed to get into the car (old man with larger than average feet and body).

After a few hours at my mothers house, and way too much to eat, we headed to one of the national parks in the area. Unfortunately we didn’t have that much before sunset to it was a quick visit but I managed to snap a few photos.

Trying to take photos of Albus when he is having fun often results in blurry photos

Since it was a gray day and the sun was setting and I had no tripod it was sometimes difficult not to get blurry photos due to me moving the camera.

Sometimes I wonder about dogs, doesn’t he understand that the water is cold? I mean there is ice slightly outside the frame.

On the way I tried to take a photo of a “waterfall” (it’s about 5-10 cm high 😋) which became a problem since it was in the woods and it was getting dark. But considering that the photo was taken without any kind of support for the camera and I was wobbling around trying to keep still, I think this came out OK.

Thanks to the image stabilization on my camera !!

The problem with fresh snow

It’s nice when it’s snowing, suddenly the world look like it should in the winter.

Everything looks better in snow, and it’s really nice to have some snow after two months of horrible (warm and rainy) weather. The last two days it has been snowing lightly, but persistently, so we actually have some snow now.

There is however one problem of being out taking photos in this kind of weather: everything looks so nice and by walking across the pristine snow I destroy the experience for the next person coming here.

On the other hand, all of this disappears if the wind picks up, or it becomes a bit warmer or … So, I should probably don’t feel too bad about walking across the snow.

Anyway, it was a nice walk.

Wednesday morning photowalk

“Wednesday morning photowalk” or should I write “the time I had to spend in town while waiting for the car to get serviced”. The first one sounds better, so I’m going to use that one. Anyway, as I wrote yesterday, I had to wait in town for two hours and since there are no shops open (which we should avoid anyway) and they have told us to stay away from work there wasn’t much else to do than bring the camera and walk around in town.

So, here are what I say this morning, first two photos of Umeälven (Umu River) taken from about here. The path you can see along the river is a walking/biking path that is used a lot to get from one side of town to the other without needing to cross any roads (well, actually two but it’s usually not a problem).

The next one is taken from approximately the same place but down the river. This is central Umeå with a building they are currently constructing, the second photo is closer view of it.

Then we have one of the “restaurant boats” (taken from here). For some reason it seem to be quite popular to go there, I can understand it in the summer but in the winter …

Next, from the perhaps most central place in Umeå: Rådhustorget (Town Hall Square). You are free to sit down and rest if you want to.

And of course a shop sign

One of the art installations

Umeå Stads Kyrka (Umeå City Church) photographed from here

And the final two photos are essentially photos from where I took the other photo. The first one is from here looking towards where I took the second one.

That ended my morning photo walk, time to drive home … where I spent at least three hours in Zoom-meetings.

Taking photos in the dark

One of the advantages of living where I live are the differences between seasons. In “spring-winter” the sun comes along and everything gets a bit brighter, with a bit of luck it gets bright enough to catch a few photos during the day.

In spring trees, plants and flower is starting to grow again and everything gets more colorful

In summer, everything turns green

In autumn, the light starts to get low and suddenly, it’s all very colorful.

Which brings me to winter. Today sun raise was 9:20 and sunset 13:40, and if that’s not enough the last several weeks have been rainy (hello, climate change) and cloudy. In other words it’s dark before work and it’s dark after work, and if I decide to take an afternoon walk it’s “a low light situation”.

Thanks to whoever who drove past and lighted the scene

Fortunately, it’s still possible to take photos … with one change, instead of taking landscape photos I photograph the “city lights” — but since I don’t live in a city it doesn’t happen that often.

When I walk around at home it’s more like this

Still not bad but it gets a bit “limiting”. Not surprisingly this is the season for flash photography 😜

En bra foto-podcast

Det finns en hel del podcasts om foto, en del är OK, en del är mindre bra men sedan finns det en som sticker ut lite extra: Photography Daily. Jag lyssnat på den nästan sedan den startade och tycker den är riktigt, riktigt bra.

Det är dagliga avsnitt under måndag-fredag där avsnitten måndag-torsdag har varit en intervju med någon fotograf. Fredagen har varit ett “photowalk”-avsnitt där Neale James tar en promenad med kameran och svarar på olika lyssnarfrågor.

Nu i december så har innehållet ändrats lite, måndag och onsdag är intervjuer, tisdag och torsdag är kortare avsnitt där Neale James pratar om olika saker. Fredagar är fortfarande en photowalk. När jag skriver detta så har det nya formatet bara varit igång i tre dagar så jag lite svårt att säga vad tisdag/torsdag innehåller.

För de som är medlemmar så finns det också en “megazode” en gång i månaden. Det är ett långt avsnitt med lite allt möjligt.

Avsnitten är lagom långa, ca 20-35 min, och handlar om fotograferna, deras arbete och vad som ligger bakom det de gör. Vad som gör podcasten riktigt intressant är hur Neale James lockar fram mycket intressant från de som intervjuas. Det blir som att höra på ett intressant samtal mellan två personer istället för något sorts reklamprat om fotografen. Det förekommer väldigt sällan några utrustningsdiskussioner, om det inte är relevant, utan fokus ligger hela tiden på fotografen/arbetet.

För mig har det blivit min favorit-podcast och är du intresserad av foto så kan jag verkligen rekommendera den

Friday Photowalk

Here comes the sun

I try to take a daily walk (or two) and while walking I usually listen to podcasts or audiobooks. One of my favorite podcasts is The Daily Photography Podcast – I highly recommend it if you’re into photography – and every friday there is the “Friday Photowalk” episode where Neale James do a photowalk while reading/answering listeners emails.

I have of course heard about photowalks before but I have never attended one – living where I live partly explains it – but I thought a single person photowalk would work. So I decided to try it this morning while actually listening to todays episode. So here are some photos from today:

The sun hadn’t quite risen yet, 4 minutes to sunrise

The village road

Here comes the sun

Further down the road

Morning mist

Spider net

One of the “puddles” on a mire (correct word??)

Some kind of … plants

Morning sun


The last green leaf

Pine forest

Wet leaves

The abandoned barn

Different colors

Morning colors

The path

Three colored tree


A house in the village