Quick lunch walk

A quick walk through the village to stretch my legs (I do hate correcting exams)

Fredag hela veckan

Jag vet inte vad det är med mig men jag har haft fredag varje dan den här veckan. På måndag kändes det som det var fredag, i tisdags var det också fredag, i går var det fredag och idag känns det verkligen som fredag. Risken är väl att i morgon känns det inte som det är fredag.

Working from home

I’ve been working from home for 9 months now and I like it. I understand that the general idea is that working from home isn’t that good, and yes, I also understand that this has been a horrible time for many. But I’m not one of them. I’m lucky in several ways, so far, everything I should have done at work I’ve been able…

I love working with wood

Every time I do something with wood I’m reminded that I love working with wood, I like the smell, I like the feeling, I like how malleable and strong it is, and I really love that you can build almost anything from wood. In fact, when I finished high school I was considering two different careers, nr 1 was something with Computer Science, nr…