A Sunday in March

Ice fishing and snow mobiles

Not much to say about today. I took a 10km walk and going south wasn’t much of a problem. But walking north wasn’t fun, it was blowing pretty hard and it got a bit uncomfortable (I’m not very fond of strong wind). Anyway, here is how it looked like on the lake.

Ice fishing and snow mobiles
Ice fishing and snow mobiles

Yet another walk in the village

This is less fun

Despite a bit too much wind for my taste I decided to take a walk, just trying too prevent my body from becoming even fatter and more un-fit. So, what did I see today?

The first thing I noticed that one of the neighbors is safety conscious, it’s always bad if your snow mobile breaks down far from home!! So having a reserve vehicle is always a good idea.

Backup vehicle

But to be completely honest, today was a pretty boring day with some cold wind. So I decided to keep my walk short, only about 11km, and get home early. The thought of a cup of warm tea was very, very alluring. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had the idea of staying inside with something warm to drink, because yesterday there were many snow mobiles (with drivers) driving around, today only one.

The only snow mobile I saw

I think the reason for people staying inside become obvious if you look at the next two photos. It’s a woman walking along village road and they are taken about a minute apart.

This looks OK
This is less fun

Årets första dag

Årets första dag, åtminstone en här i byn verkar ha firat lite väl mycket i natt och är lite trött i ögat idag.

Annars började året bra med solsken, ganska trevligt efter ganska många veckor med moln, regn och allmänt skitväder. Snön gör ju att det är lite ljusare ute och jag blir på allmänt bättre humör bara för att det finns snö ute. Jag förstår inte hur folk står ut i södra Sverige.

Ibland så behöver man inte anstränga sig utan Moder Natur gör allt grovjobb och allt jag behöver göra är att trycka av och ta en bild.

Different paces of life

Yesterday, I once again found myself in town … with a couple of hours to spend before going home again. As usual, I brought my camera with me, despite not feeling inspired, and took a few photos while walking around. I classify them as “learning photos”, a more polite way of saying that none of them were any good, but they serve as reminders of what I could improve until next time … which will be tomorrow (I have to spend a couple of morning hours in town while waiting for the car to get serviced).

Anyway, when I got home I started to look at the photos and there were two that got me thinking about different stages of life. The first is of a mother (I assume) with her child speeding along the street. I assume they were going to the daycare or to visit a doctor (there is a doctor’s office further down the street). A typical day in a parents’ life.

And the other photo was of this gentleman who was standing beside the street, looking like he waited for something/someone, perhaps a taxi or a ride home.

To me, this illustrates two different phases of life with very different paces. I hope that all three of them take the time to enjoy where they are in life.

Fredag hela veckan

Jag vet inte vad det är med mig men jag har haft fredag varje dan den här veckan. På måndag kändes det som det var fredag, i tisdags var det också fredag, i går var det fredag och idag känns det verkligen som fredag.

Risken är väl att i morgon känns det inte som det är fredag.

Working from home

I’ve been working from home for 9 months now and I like it. I understand that the general idea is that working from home isn’t that good, and yes, I also understand that this has been a horrible time for many. But I’m not one of them.

I’m lucky in several ways, so far, everything I should have done at work I’ve been able to from home. I also have the technical knowledge to set up computers, servers and network at home so that it’s actually possible for us to work from home. And perhaps most important, I actually like working from home, I’m an introvert and doesn’t need to be in constant contact with people — I can find it a big exhausting to be with a lot of people for longer times and I normally need some “alone-time”.

So instead of traveling to work, I can take a walk in my village, take a few photos or do something that needs to be done. So, I think I’ve managed to get more things done each day than I would normally have done. If remote work would have been possible when I started to work I would probably have had a different career.

One thing that have really changed in my landscape photography, I have taken a lot of landscape photos these months and tried some new things. I feel that I have progressed in this area. Sports and event photography … not so much.

I have to admit that there is one huge disadvantage of working from home, it’s waaaay too easy to get a snack or two from the kitchen!!!

More water than usual

I'm pretty sure that trees doesn't grow in the lake

Yesterday was unusually windy and rainy, at least for being Umeå. There were reports of wind speeds of 25+ m/s, and we got at least 64 mm of rain (the rain meter didn’t work all day so it was probably more). We also have had a six-hour power outage. Some parts of Umeå seem to have had more than 1 m of water in their house, several streets in the city were closed due to the water, one car drove into a creek since the road had been destroyed, and I think that an old stone bridge was destroyed.

This kind of weather is a bit unusual for Umeå, I think this is the strongest storm I’ve experienced in this area. However, if compared to what happens in other parts of the world it probably fair to say that this was a minor inconvenience.

Fortunately, the damage in the village where I live were minor. I noticed one old barn with a partly damaged roof and the road close to our house had partly been damaged.

Half of the road was damaged.
Half of the road was damaged.
This is looking under the asphalt, close where the bus was driving.
This is looking under the asphalt, close to where the bus was driving.

But what was really striking was the water level in the lake. This is how it looked like some time ago, notice the stones out in the water.

This is taken from a different angle than the photo below but notice the stones

This is how it looked like today

How it looks today, do you see the stones?
How it looks today, do you see the stones? Yep, those small dots in the middle of the photo are the stones. The water level is probably 30-40 cm above normal.

In another place it looked like this

I'm pretty sure that trees doesn't grow in the lake
I’m pretty sure this kind of trees doesn’t grow in lakes

So, yesterday was an interesting day.

I love working with wood

Every time I do something with wood I’m reminded that I love working with wood, I like the smell, I like the feeling, I like how malleable and strong it is, and I really love that you can build almost anything from wood.

In fact, when I finished high school I was considering two different careers, nr 1 was something with Computer Science, nr 2 was something like a cabinetmaker (if that’s the correct translation for “möbelsnickare”). Same thing when I completed my second year at university, and we had to choose our speciality — I was in the Mechanical Engineering program (long story) that had different specialities. My first choice was Computer Science (at that time it was a part of the Mechanical Engineering program) and the second was Wood Technology. I ended up getting my degree in Computer Science (although it officially says Mechanical Engineering).

The really, really, really strange part is that I rarely work with wood. I think it’s partly because of me being lazy but also that I never had a place to use for wood working. When I do something it usually happens in the summer when I can be outside — assuming no rain — and since everything else needs to happen then also there isn’t much energy left for wood working.

I should really try to set up a space where I can have a few tools and actually start making stuff again. A place where I just can go for 30 minutes or so, and not spending 1 hour trying to find the tools, etc, before I can actually do something. It feels like I’m in place in my life where I need to create stuff with my hands again.

Dull weather

The weather the last week has been really boring. Well, not that boring, I would probably have been able to take a few interesting photos but I’ve been busy with other stuff … so yes, I miss taking photos.