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Celebrating 2000 consecutive days

Today I finally reached my goal of 2000 consecutive days of filling the circles” on my Apple Watch. I’m going to celebrate by sitting in the sofa and just relax 😁.

I don’t trust the actual measurements, or think it is the best way to measure my health. But, and this is the important part, the gamification has got me to stand up and be more active. I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t have walked around in heavy snowfall, or late evenings in a new town, or do other similar silly stuff just because I need to fill the circles”.

These circles have made me enjoy walking more than ever before (walking is my most common way of exercising), which have made me experience and see more stuff. When I go to a new place, I try to make sure that I have an extra day or two just for walking around and look at the surroundings. This means that I experience more of the places I visit, which is nice. I’m also a lot more familiar with the forests around the village where I live, which is also very nice.

So far, that the only drawback” I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of money I spend on shoes … I tend to wear them out 👍🏻. Definitely a price worth paying. The whole concept of filling the circles” might be silly, but it works for me !! So, I give it a five-star rating 😜

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