I’m bad at editing photos

One thing I’m really bad at, is editing photos. With this, I mean that I don’t really edit my photos. Sure, I make minor changes to exposure, contrast, colour temperature, etc., but I very, very rarely try any substantial edit. But when I see other photographers work I realise that I should become braver, learn to imagine how I want the picture to look like and figure out how to do the actual edit.

And don’t get me started on tools like Photoshop, I have no idea how to use these programs. What is most irritating is that I can’t figure out why I haven’t bothered to learn how to use them.

So, here are a few quick edits I tried today … trying to relax after work. Note, they are not intended to be examples of good edits, instead I consider them as rough sketches for things that I should become better at. They are also a bit overdone, ideally you shouldn’t suspect that a photo have been edited … unless, of course, the photo should look overdone like the first photo below.

I took this photo in Stockholm a couple of years ago. I wanted to get a “spooky” feeling and decided to try out some Lightroom Presets. In other words, I didn’t actually do any editing, I just clicked around until I found something that looked like I wanted.

The next photo was taken a few weeks ago. The original is a bit flat, dull and cold, so I tried to enhance the colours to get a bit more depth. I also wanted to make the sky warmer and enhanced the colours in the clouds.

Here I tried to enhance the yellow, orange and brown. The idea was once again to get a warmer, more autumn like, feeling.

Another autumn photo, it looks like I’m only taking photos in the autumn, and once again I’ve tried to get a warm feeling. I changed to color temperature to get the feeling of sun rise … in reality the photo was taken in the middle of the day.

It’s fun to see how different edits change the photo, but I find it difficult to go from what I see in my head to something I can see with my eyes. I don’t understand what kind of adjustments I should make … but I suppose it’s a matter of getting more practice.

2 Comments on “I’m bad at editing photos

  1. Redigering är en konst, ju mer du gör det desto mera du lär dig vad som passar din stil!
    Om du vill så hjälper jag dig gärna med tips och ideer på hur du kan utforska redigerings världen och finna din personliga stil!

    • Jo, det är kul att testa olika saker. Håller just nu på att använda färdiga filter och sedan gå tillbaka och försöka få fram samma effekt själv (i Lightroom alltså), ibland blir det bättre och ibland sämre. Tack för erbjudandet, jag har just köpt ett gäng videokurser som jag ska börja med att gå igenom sedan får jag se vad jag tycker jag kan … tänkte försöka lära mig de “användbara” 😀 delarna av Photoshop också.

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