It’s now been 2.5 years since I visited Helsinki and I still frequently think about that trip. I really enjoyed my 10 days there and during the 5-6 days I was free to do whatever I liked to do, I walked about 100-120 km. So, I got a decent sampling of central Helsinki.

What I really remember is the architecture, it’s quite different from what I have seen in Sweden. I haven’t travelled much, so I can’t compare it to many places but it kind of reminds me of Budapest. It’s these big stone houses, wide streets, big squares, big churches/castles, etc. I regret that I didn’t spend more time photographing the architecture.

While there are a few houses that look similar to what I’m used, to I also found new buildings that had similar architecture.

And sometimes you can have the same kind of feeling inside, these serious men who look down at you and demand respect 😋.

Anyway, I hope I get the chance to visit again. I really want to take more photos of the buildings and the life on the streets.

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  1. Det är kul att fotografera byggnader, jag har tagit några bilder här i stan också men tyvärr något som jag gör alldeles för lite.

    1. Det är väl lite samma sak för mig, jag blir lite hemmablind. Mycket lättare att se byggnaderna när jag är i Uppsala/Stockholm eller nån annan stad. Det som stod ut i Helsingfors var framför allt “öststatsstilen” på byggnaderna – men jag trivdes väldigt bra där.

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