A quick visit to a national park

My son and his girlfriend invited me to come along for a quick visit to my mother + an ever quicker visit to one of the national parks. I, of course, said “yes”, packed my camera bag and after some struggle managed to get into the car (old man with larger than average feet and body).

After a few hours at my mothers house, and way too much to eat, we headed to one of the national parks in the area. Unfortunately we didn’t have that much before sunset to it was a quick visit but I managed to snap a few photos.

Trying to take photos of Albus when he is having fun often results in blurry photos

Since it was a gray day and the sun was setting and I had no tripod it was sometimes difficult not to get blurry photos due to me moving the camera.

Sometimes I wonder about dogs, doesn’t he understand that the water is cold? I mean there is ice slightly outside the frame.

On the way I tried to take a photo of a “waterfall” (it’s about 5-10 cm high 😋) which became a problem since it was in the woods and it was getting dark. But considering that the photo was taken without any kind of support for the camera and I was wobbling around trying to keep still, I think this came out OK.

Thanks to the image stabilization on my camera !!

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  1. Det blev ju en fin utflykt, ser ut som en vacker plats. Bra bilder!

    1. Tack. Jo, det blev bättre än vad jag trodde. På vägen dit såg jag flera ställen som jag hade velat prova att fota men det var inte riktigt läge. Jag måste nog ta och åka dit när jag får lite tid över … det är ju lite pinsamt, det är bara ca 2-2.5 mil från där jag växte upp. Det är Skuleskogens nationalpark och detta är där man går upp till Slåtterdalsskrevan. Klart värt ett besök om man har vägarna förbi.

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