Working from home

I’ve been working from home for 9 months now and I like it. I understand that the general idea is that working from home isn’t that good, and yes, I also understand that this has been a horrible time for many. But I’m not one of them.

I’m lucky in several ways, so far, everything I should have done at work I’ve been able to from home. I also have the technical knowledge to set up computers, servers and network at home so that it’s actually possible for us to work from home. And perhaps most important, I actually like working from home, I’m an introvert and doesn’t need to be in constant contact with people — I can find it a big exhausting to be with a lot of people for longer times and I normally need some “alone-time”.

So instead of traveling to work, I can take a walk in my village, take a few photos or do something that needs to be done. So, I think I’ve managed to get more things done each day than I would normally have done. If remote work would have been possible when I started to work I would probably have had a different career.

One thing that have really changed in my landscape photography, I have taken a lot of landscape photos these months and tried some new things. I feel that I have progressed in this area. Sports and event photography … not so much.

I have to admit that there is one huge disadvantage of working from home, it’s waaaay too easy to get a snack or two from the kitchen!!!

2 Comments on “Working from home

  1. I share your experience. I don’t miss the open-plan office and, like you, I’m an introvert, so all the gossip and social interaction are not things I need every day.

    I feel as if I have a life, no more having to spend over two hours a day travelling to and from work. It is a luxury.

    One downside though is the Zoom dependency. One day last week, I had four Zoom meetings back to back. I was shattered and wasn’t worth much the next day.

    When the pandemic is over, I will favour a hybrid approach – three days home, two days in the office.

    • I’m hoping for something similar, we’re supposed to work from home until march (current decision) but since I’m changing what I do from Jan 1 I’m not really sure how will go.

      But I’m hoping for a hybrid approach as well

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