I love working with wood

Every time I do something with wood I’m reminded that I love working with wood, I like the smell, I like the feeling, I like how malleable and strong it is, and I really love that you can build almost anything from wood.

In fact, when I finished high school I was considering two different careers, nr 1 was something with Computer Science, nr 2 was something like a cabinetmaker (if that’s the correct translation for “möbelsnickare”). Same thing when I completed my second year at university, and we had to choose our speciality — I was in the Mechanical Engineering program (long story) that had different specialities. My first choice was Computer Science (at that time it was a part of the Mechanical Engineering program) and the second was Wood Technology. I ended up getting my degree in Computer Science (although it officially says Mechanical Engineering).

The really, really, really strange part is that I rarely work with wood. I think it’s partly because of me being lazy but also that I never had a place to use for wood working. When I do something it usually happens in the summer when I can be outside — assuming no rain — and since everything else needs to happen then also there isn’t much energy left for wood working.

I should really try to set up a space where I can have a few tools and actually start making stuff again. A place where I just can go for 30 minutes or so, and not spending 1 hour trying to find the tools, etc, before I can actually do something. It feels like I’m in place in my life where I need to create stuff with my hands again.

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