Friday Photowalk

I try to take a daily walk (or two) and while walking I usually listen to podcasts or audiobooks. One of my favorite podcasts is The Daily Photography Podcast – I highly recommend it if you’re into photography – and every friday there is the “Friday Photowalk” episode where Neale James do a photowalk while reading/answering listeners emails.

I have of course heard about photowalks before but I have never attended one – living where I live partly explains it – but I thought a single person photowalk would work. So I decided to try it this morning while actually listening to todays episode. So here are some photos from today:

The sun hadn’t quite risen yet, 4 minutes to sunrise
The village road
Here comes the sun
Further down the road
Morning mist
Spider net
One of the “puddles” on a mire (correct word??)
Some kind of … plants
Morning sun
The last green leaf
Pine forest
Wet leaves
The abandoned barn
Different colors
Morning colors
The path
Three colored tree
A house in the village

5 thoughts on “Friday Photowalk

  1. What incredible pictures and I’m honoured for your mention! Now here’s a walk I’d love to do in person one day when the world starts behaving itself again.

    Kindest, Neale

  2. Hi Jem,

    I heard about your photowalk on Neale’s podcast – lovely images! I have a similarish walk that I do here in the Highlands of Scotland. Here, your ‘puddle’ would be called a lochan (a smaller version of a loch) and your ‘mire’ looks like a boggy moor 🙂


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