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Så har man fått ännu ett email med erbjudande om att vara med på någon konferens, den här gången ska jag få vara ”program committee members” eller ”reviewer”:

if you have any interest in being a Program Committee Member/Reviewer, please visit:

Conference X

Topics: Human Resource Management, Educational Management, Accounting, Financial Management, Crisis Management, Operations Management, Engineering Management, Time Management, Budgeting Process, Macroeconomics, Energy Economics, Identification of Required Expenditure, Microeconomics, Investment Management, Family Economics, Personal Paying for Education, etc.

Conference Y

Topics: Anthropology, Performing arts, Area Studies, Ancient and Modern Languages, Literature, Geography, Archaeology, History, Peace and Conflict Studies, Economics, Human Sciences, Management, Psychology, Kinship and Descent, Social Research, Environmental Social Science, etc.

Jag ska kanske ställa upp och bestämma vilka artiklar som ska få publiceras inom antropologi eller macroenconomics – det är precis mitt område.

Dagstuhl Seminar – what a great idea

I had never heard of Dagstuhl before receiving an email with an invitation to participate in a seminar. At first I thought it was a spam message and actually sent it to my spam folder (I, as most others, receive many spam messages each day about conferences, journals, etc) … but a split second later my brain sent a “stop command” to my fingers. There was something unusual with this message, I moved the message back to my inbox and saw what my eyes had seen: the names of some people I knew or had heard about.

So I started to read a bit more carefully, sent a couple of emails to check if this was for real, talked to a few colleagues and realized that: Yes, it was real. My colleagues recommended me to attend and since I had been thinking of start doing some research again the timing was perfect.

Fast-forward about a year and it was time for me to leave for Schloss Dagstuhl. After two flights, a train ride and finally a taxi ride I arrived at Schloss Dagstuhl.

Jag undrar vad det är som tar en sådan plats

Jag undrar vad det är som tar en sådan plats

Inte så mycket folk

Väntar på taget till Dagstuhl

Since I arrived in the evening I didn’t see much of the building but in the morning I was greeted with the following view.

God morgon

After breakfast it was time to meet the others. Some were old friends and some I met for the first time. I soon discovered that the seminar followed some simple rules: breakfast, start discussions at 9:00, lunch at 12:00, new discussions from 13:30, dinner at 18:00 and then social gatherings until late evening/early night.

Lite oväntade resultat från hans studier

Lite oväntade resultat från hans studier




Poster session





This is what I really liked about the whole format, there was a lot of time for meeting and talking to the others, the atmosphere was very informal and relaxed. To be honest I’m surprised that this idea hasn’t been copied all around the world. I think that all Ph.D. students should visit something like this at least once during their studies. It’s a huge opportunity to get to know the people in field and get contacts for the future.

Schloss Dagstuhl is in itself a nice historic site. The current buildings are not that old, some 250+ years, but on top of the hill behind the buildings there are the ruins of the original castle. They are much older, originally it’s build sometime before 1290, and of course there have been additions, renovations, etc since then. Now there are just some low stone walls left and a partial tower but it’s always fun to walk around and try to imagine how it looked like when people were actually living there. My reaction was the same as usual, having lived the whole of my life in areas where wooden building are the norm I just see the stone walls and go ”Brrrrr, ccccoooooollllld”.

Schloss Dagstuhl



Schloss Dagstuhl


Utsikt från slottsruinerna
To summarize: if you ever get an invitation from Dagstuhl, don’t put it in your spam folder just answer ”Yes” and go there.

Here is a description of the visit some of us made to Völklinger Hütte (in Swedish) and more photos from the whole trip

Lite pinsamt

Vid första anblicken så skäms man ju lite granna, ska hon inte få komma på en konferens för att hon är ogift. Undrar hur stor chansen är att en kille skulle få avslag med samma motivering?

How NOT to design a journal site

Lately I’ve been searching the web sites of various scientific journals for interesting papers … and it’s a mixed experience. Some have very good search capabilities that quickly give you the results – including title, abstract, bibliographic info (please remember to include BibTeX!!), links to full papers, etc. Others are less enjoyable, requiring you to manually scan the titles/abstracts to find the interesting stuff … not fun but workable.

Others make things a little bit more complicated. First of all make the page design really busy so that it takes quite some time to find out if it is possible to search the publication or not. Then, and here comes the best part, list the results with a link to the full paper, and a two line summary that shows your search words in context.

What’s wrong with that? Well, if you click that link you will discover that you need to have a subscription to be able to download the full article … that’s OK, I can just take a quick look at the title and abstract and … but wait there is no reference from which article this summary came, none whatsoever!!!!

So here I’m sitting with a potentially interesting paper but I have no possibility to figure out the title of the paper, what it’s about or who the author is!!! It’s so stupid that I really can’t believe it.

To figure out if this article was interesting, it wasn’t, I had to search the HTML source file for each volume-numer (one page for each) for a link that matched the link from my search results … not what I call a user friendly site.

Avoid being an asshole

I’ve just been reading a research paper and I agree on much of what was being said in it. But it took me several times before I managed to read it … why? Simply because the authors style of writing made him come across as an asshole that was just complaining on others in a very condescending way. It was really difficult trying to avoid getting upset and finish the paper.

Lesson learned: if you want to send people a message, avoid sounding like an asshole !!!